Based on the advocacy model created by our Founder (“talk to a few to engage the many”) and how tribes/communities are connected through passion points or indeed ethnicity, we highlighted an opportunity for Scotch Whisky - particularly Chivas Regal and HNW Indians who were high volume consumers of Whisky but not Chivas.

The key actionable insights were:

Driving call to action/”brand for me” from the valuable untapped latent aspiration that Chivas enjoyed
Realising consumption occasions - “creating permission” and high end Indian Weddings Indians were a connected community through entrepreneurial endeavours/business and celebrated success of others within the community.

The strategy was two fold - education and commercial.
We formed strategic partnerships with:

  • Asiana, the premium Asian wedding magazine - editorial print and digital
  • Asian Awards, where on the night presence of guests net worth was +£9bn - Chivas Entrepreneur of of the Year Award

A series of invitation only highly targeted private dinners at Michelin Starred Benares - specially created menu to match the constituent whiskies in Chivas so guests understood what made up the luxury blend. I Invitations were including a women only evening with Anita Rani.


  • +7% increase in volume and 10% NSV over first 2 years - with margin reinvested in continuing and enhancing the strategy
  • Secured stock and Chivas Regal Bar at Rishi Rich’s wedding resulting in 8 pages of editorial worth £500k
  • 4 new listings with the best UK Indian Wedding caterers driving incremental volume and profit
  • Placement of a bespoke Chivas drinks trolley in Benares for at table guest service driving visibility and sales of Chivas in this lighthouse venue

Budget: By end of year 2 this activity was almost cost neutral - washed its own face and was put into year 3 as a major part of the brand strategy so no longer tactical. Year 3 we looked at the product mix and focused on Chivas 18 which drove increased margin by volume